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Attention riders updated 1/07/2020

Grounds update: Grounds will be closed for arena maintenance on Friday the 3rd. Saturday the ten min and grass area will be open for riding. All arenas will be closed due to Protocol day to be held on Sunday. Please follow rules for the grounds. When open, the use of grounds must be adhered to.


**Please use common sense when using our grounds. If the arenas are wet, DO NOT ride in them. This is requested as damage may be done to the base. We thank you for being respectful.**


Upcoming comps
Please see the Corona Virus update below:


Due to Coronavirus, PRARG is cancelling or postponing the following events for April:

- Jembrae Warmbloods Young Horse/Pony / Pony Spectacular
- Saddlery market
- Grounds hired to SAQ  
- Clinic on Easter Monday is still under a decision.

Thank you to all the sponsors that have given so generously for the 5th April event. Hopefully, this will be rerun in July. Nominate will be contacted today re refunds which will be less 5.5% per Nominate's latest advice.

The grounds remain open for members to ride and train. Please practise safe people distancing skills when down there.

The management committee.

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Grounds are located on the corner of Olson & Teviot Roads at North Maclean

PRARG Property Identification Number (PIC): QGBD2529

Horse health declaration form is mandatory if you wish to compete at PRARG events. Please bring with you to competitions and hand to Gear Check before mounting.

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