All new memberships and renewals are now processed using the Nominate Membership Management system.


If you are joining PRARG for the first timeplease click here (opens in new tab/window)


For all existing or lapsed members of PRARG, you can access your PRARG membership profile on Nominate to make updates or process your renewal by doing the following:

  • Go to: (opens in a new tab/window)
  • Click on Clubs in the menu on the left hand side of the screen
  • Click on ‘Log in’ on the top right hand side and select ‘Club Member’
  • Click on ‘Forgot Password’ – enter your email address to retrieve your log in details, which will be sent to you automatically by Nominate.

If the email you enter is not recognised, or you have changed your email since you last renewed, or you don’t receive an email, please send an email to and we will fix this up in the back end and let you know when you can re-try.


Payment of Membership and Merchandise Fees


The Nominate system requires a credit or debit card to process membership payments.


If you would prefer to pay or part pay by using vouchers, or by cash, cheque or bank transfer, click ‘Skip Payment’ on the payment page and email to receive details to complete the payment process.  Your membership however will not be approved until payment has been received and membership is approved at the next club committee meeting.


Click here to view the 2021 membership and merchandise fees.


Information for Members


All members must read and adhere to the 2021 Membership handbook (opens in new tab/window)


Some of the benefits of the PRARG membership include:

  • Access to the grounds outside training days (please refer to our Facebook page to check if grounds are open)
  • Discount on competition entry fees
  • Access to internal events and training days.

Important information

  • Memberships are due by 31 January every year
  • Half Year Memberships run from 1 August to 31 January
  • Members need to pay an annual fee for a key to access the grounds outside of event days
  • Locks will change every year, with a new grounds key required
  • New membership applications MUST be accepted by a club meeting before member privileges are available.

If you have any questions about membership, please email


If you do not want to complete your membership or renewal application online, please click here for the offline form to complete, then scan and email it to